Hillary Clinton: The Victim or The Culprit in US Election?

It’s been more than 4 months since Donald Trump took the vow as the POTUS yet at the same time much has been going on in investigating what let down Hillary Clinton. Recently in an interview, Hillary herself blamed poor data released by Democratic National Committee as one of the reasons for her defeat. Is it so? Let’s find out-

She blamed all except herself

From the very first leg of election campaign, Hillary strived hard to project herself as the victim of – FBI conspiracy, Russian involvement, (and now) poor statistics on individual voters by Democratic National Committee among others.

Her lackluster speech during the final run of camping in Democratic National Convention revealed that she lacked the conviction of a Trump or a Berney Sanders.

Battle of two generations

During her campaigning, while the senior most political aides stuck to the ground-level information, the new generation tilted more towards data science. The conflict of two eras created a deep rift within the party notwithstanding the impending election. Hilary Clinton lacked the leadership quality that could wipe out this conflict and bring all these divided teams under one roof.

She lacked clarity

Was Hilary running the race because she did have a vision for USA or just for the sake of grabbing the power? This is the question that haunted the minds of democrats’ supporters throughout her political crusade until a year ago.

While Trump for the most parts stuck to his gun on making America great again (despite all the flaks), he came off surer than Hillary Clinton on the future of USA.

The “emailgate

Using a private e-mail server while working for Obama administration had been a blunder for her. Be that as it may, instead of apologizing, Hilary Clinton first blamed FBI and then media to blow things out of proportions. This issue remained heated up during the initial months of “Emailgate” (a term coined by media of this fiasco), while the president nominee herself and her husband Bill Clinton fired a number of salvos targeting media, republicans, FBI and then party campaigners one by one. The last act itself did an irreparable damage to bring down the spirits volunteers in her team.

Skeletons out of closet

In October 2016, FBI director Comey announced to the congress that his team would re-open the private server soup Hilary Clinton found her in. Hilary Clinton’s close aide Huma Abedin and her significant other Anthony Weiner (ex Congress Man) got tangled into it as well.

This whole mud-slinging brought out another murky fact involving Anthony Weiner’s sexting with an under-age girl. Being close to Huma Abedin’s family, this surely has damaged the “clean” repute Hilary Clinton had maintained so far in her campaign.

Hillary Clinton has been a face for liberal politics since long. This election has revealed her vulnerable side as a leader, who fails to keep a cool when the crisis is breathing down the neck.  Will the table would turn in favor of her political career? Only the future might tell.

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