Fathers or Stepfathers

I foresee the restoration of a powerful Russia, even stronger and mightier. On the bones of the martyrs, as on a solid foundation, Russia will be rebuilt – according to the old model.

St. rights. Father John of Kronstadt.

The problem of lost paternity

Imagine your own death. You died, there is no more of you. And your child was left alone.

Above will be the ideas and names of the movements that told you a lot during their lifetime, and never realized anything of their “programs for improving earthly life” or getting into the eternal life, but you gave them your time, your strength and your hopes.

It’s all over.

There is no world in which you feel your child under his more or less secure protection.

There are only individuals to whom you could leave the world of your child.

So, choosing from them, who would you choose? If there was an opportunity to indicate a single.

Whom you would entrust in place of you, the upbringing of your child. Paternity. Protection. The certainty that this person will somehow give your offspring or your maiden the rod that will hold him, will not let fall, will instill normal morality, ethics, give love to work, teach you to appreciate the purity of both the external world and the inner ?