Tips to Master Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry can be a tough subject to handle if you do not have a proper idea of where the concept is heading. If you keep on relying on memorizing the concepts instead of understanding them, it will keep getting difficult as you reach higher studies. Assuming organic chemistry as a subject which you need to clear with good grades can be an option for those who are not so fond of it and only want to clear the subject. But if you really want to master the subject to pursue higher studies in it, here is good news for you. Organic Chemistry is not tough at all. Instead, it is the most logical part of Chemistry once you understand the fundamentals of it. You will need very little memorization to get good at it and score good marks. Here are the tips for surviving as well as mastering organic chemistry.

Learn About Structure

Organic chemistry has a huge collection of compounds which can actually be grouped together to have a well-sorted collection. Grouping the compounds together according to their properties will give the idea of the possible reactions you can do with them. Learn and understand how to draw structures by a name and how to identify the number of bonds in a reaction and hybridization of different atoms. Practice the structures and strengthen your foundation. Once you have a clear basic idea about the structures, you can do any kind of problem in higher studies.

Prepare Mind Maps

Making notes of important information is important. Keep a notebook with you to write down any of the verbal information given in a class. But to become better in organic chemistry, you also need to create notes inside your head, which you can reach out to any time you want. You can start withdrawing structures and writing down how they will react, and memorize it. You can train yourself to access this part of the information from your brain just like recalling a multiplication table. Do not stress yourself! Try to memorize only what seems too easy to remember. Keep the notes for difficult concepts.

Form Study Groups

As interesting as it sounds in the beginning, it can get pretty boring soon if you are on this journey on your own. Find a partner who is as interested in learning it as you are. Start practising the concepts together and find out the mistake you are making. Working in teams will help you in helping each other with the doubts as well as finding out new ways of learning the compounds and their structures. Get inspired by each other’s motivation and never be afraid to explore deeper into this subject by the limitations of assuming it as a difficult subject.

Ask Questions

The teachers and instructors are not there just to explain the concepts to you. They are also there to clear any doubts you have. Do not hesitate to ask questions in fear of getting embarrassed. If you are still not convinced about certain answers when it comes to difficult subject, try to ask online sources which can help you come out with relevant aplia answers which can help you grow in the field. In most cases, the doubts you have will be the same for the entire class, but as no one really cares to ask it, no one learns.